Our Vision & Mission

After the initial success, Nu Cybertek is very confident that PhabrOmeter® system is going to stay and play an important role in quality evaluation of such sheet type fibrous products as woven and knitted fabrics, nonwovens, paper products, leathers and others in contact with human skin when in use.

We provide PhabrOmeter® instrument - a complete fabric sensory evaluation system, to various industries worldwide. PhabrOmeter® instrument is the AATCC designated instrument in hand test for textiles manufacturers, suppliers, finishers and garment manufacturers. PhabrOmeter® system helps to find your direction in improving product quality and enhancing the true value of your products. It is accurate, reliable, easy to use, affordable with good tech support.

Bring value to Industrial and Consumer

Nu Cybertek, Inc. is a technology brand focusing on quality evaluation of the sheet type fibrous products such as paper, woven and knitted fabrics, non-woven, leathers and others, in contact with human skin when in use. Our product PhabrOmeter® system has successfully provided a critical quality assurance method for and offered solutions to fibrous consumer product industries, where product quality relies on sensory evaluation.

Industrial Manufacturing (B2B) - Fine Chemicals & Soft Material
Marketing Applications (B2C) – Brand Names in the following catogories:

Detergent & Softener, Consumer Paper / Nonwoven Products, Shirt / Suit, Home Textiles & Undergarment, Casual T-shirts and Sportswear, Leather and Coated material, Sweaters and Woolen, Nature silk and Manmade silk, Fiber Materials, Dyeing and finishing process, Cosmetic,etc.