PhabrOmeter® Fabric Hand Evaluation

A relative hand value RHV + 3 attributes

Sensory perception has long been considered as one of the most important quality attributes for those products and yet difficult to test using instrument. Our PhabrOmeter® system successfully solved the problem. It not only provides a critical quality assurance method for textile industry, it also offers solutions to other fibrous product industries, where product quality relies on sensory evaluation. Further it may shed light on our understanding of relationship between physical stimuli and physiological, psychological and social response.

Fabric drape evaluation using PhabrOmeter® System

The fabric drape coefficient (DC)

The fabric extraction method used in PhabrOmeter simulates the related fabric behaviors – during a test, the fabric sample is actually going through a forced drape under complex stresses. Also fabric hand and drape are interconnected by the same group of mechanical properties.

Fabric wrinkle recovery evaluation using PhabrOmeter® System

A wrinkle recovery rate (WRR)

Currently, there are a few methods to evaluate wrinkle recovery on a treated fabric, such as using Dry crease recovery angle, using Tensile length and bending length. However, those methods are not accurate and not very straightforward neither. By using PhabrOmeter® to evaluate wrinkle recovery is simple, quicker and accurate.

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